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Ruby Overview

I was trained at Branko Babic PhiAcademy, the most prestigious world renowned beauty academy, on PHIBROWS microblading procedures and graduated in December 2019 with the status of Master Assistant.

My credentials are widely recognised and I have attended many regional events and conferences including The Best PMU Conference 2019 in Bangkok as invited speaker to present on the techniques of Eyeliner and Microblading. Also, in October 2019, I headed a panel of judges for the national competition on microblading in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Since 2017, our establishment provides permanent makeup and eyebrow procedures covering PHIBROWS Microblading, Lash Enhancement, Hairstroke techniques on eyebrows, Ombre shading, Eyeliner applications, etc. etc. Parallel to this, I continue to train new interns and impart the necessary knowledge, techniques and practical knowhow so that they are equipped with the minimum set of skills for entry as practitioners into the beauty industry.

I am motivated to constantly seek out innovative PMU techniques and applications with the highest quality to continuously enhance the wellbeing of my clients.