Lash Extension

Eyelash extension is the process of placing individual synthetic mink-like lashes on your natural lash to give you an enhanced look.
At Ruby Beauty™, we pride ourselves on our quality of lashes as well as our application process. We make sure that all our lash stylists are fully trained and certified prior to stepping onto our lash floor.
We care about each guest who enters our salons. Prior to every new lash service, we sit down and have a lash consultation to review and discuss which lashes are best for you. We will never recommend any lash type or style that will be damaging to your natural lashes.
A natural lash cycle typically lasts 6-8 weeks. With our technique our lashes will never damage your natural lash, instead, they’ll fall out with your natural cycle. We separate every natural lash individually and carefully place our synthetic mink-like lash on top without touching the eyelid or clustering lashes together. Clustering is when lashes are glued on top of each other with no real technique, usually resulting in damage to your natural lashes and causing multiple fallouts before your natural lash cycle. This is not a proper technique and is NOT used at Ruby Beauty™.

Lashes Style

Classic Lashes

One extension to one natural blending different thickness to create an unique and custom look.

Hybrid Lashes

3D up 5D fans placed on one natural lash to create a full lash line while also light weight and soft to the touch.

Volume Lashes

Mega Volume Lashes

7D up 10D fans placed on one natural lash to create a full lash line while also light weight and soft to the touch.

Keratin Lash Lifts

Like a keratin hair treatment, a lash lift gives the same keratin treatment to your natural lashes. This process curls your natural lashes and leaves them looking darker with a perm that lasts anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks depending on your eyelash cycle.

Lash Lift Facts

Lash Lift is a treatment to lift and boost your natural lashes. No lash extensions needed.

The treatment takes only 1 to 1.5 hours and is very comfortable for the guest.

As well as brightening and ‘lifting’ the eye area, Lash Lift has some anti-aging qualities.

Lash Lifts effect lasts between 8 to 12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash.