What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup, an innovative method of permanent makeup designed to enhance the eyebrows. A handheld instrument or a thin row of needles is used to create thin, hair-like marks on the surface of the skin. A pigment that matches your natural brow color is implanted into the skin for a beautiful natural looking brow.

Microblading involves a certified and licensed microblading artist who uses a manual tool with a very fine needle grouping to draw individual hairs and concurrently insert pigment into the skin, creating the illusion of full and perfectly shaped beautiful eyebrows.

Microblading brows have become increasingly sought after the technique. If you are planning to do Microblading, it would be a great addition for creating a full and natural brow to match your skin tone. Also, this brow treatment would be perfect for anyone who wants to enhance the shape and thickness of their eyebrows. One, two, or even three shades of pigment can be used to create a single, double, or triple layer eyebrow, essentially giving a 3D eyebrow effect. Typically, a microblading brows treatment takes between 2-4 hours depending on the desired results. After the procedure, your eyebrows tend to look darker than the final result. So don’t be upset if you see your eyebrows a little bit darker then you expected after the treatment.  After 10-14 days the eyebrows show their final look and are fully healed.

Microblading considered to be an art, and only professional and knowledgeable artist can perform a great job for you. We recommend you follow the recommendations before and after the treatment to avoid any type of misunderstanding

How do Microblading look like?