Ruby’s Signature

What is Ruby’s Signature?

A Special technique combine between Nano Stroke and a soft powder shading to give the eyebrows a look defined and solid. Nano Strokes are created to give you the most natural look and then a soft shading is added in between them to create a more dense, fuller looking eyebrows. Nano Stroke is a technique that uses a specialized permanent make up device known as digital micro needle to create and to draw the hair-like strokes which mimic natural brow hair. A very fine micro needle deposit the cleanest semi-permanent make-up pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Super-fine soft strokes will resemble the look of natural brow hairs and create defined eyebrow looks.

The artist starts out by applying hair-like strokes (Nano Stroke) into the first third portion of the brow and shading powder the sparse regions or tail end of the brow. It is awesome for giving a blend of natural hairs at the front of the brow and a more defined, powdered look around the arch and tail area.

How do Ruby’s Signature look like?